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Industrial Fright Presents Fright Factory 2014

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Sacramento's Premier Haunted House Since 1998

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Thank you to all who have supported us! See you in 2014!

Industrial Fright, with over 20 years of experience in haunt and special-effects design, has brought Fright Factory to the Sacramento area since 1998.


Since our first year in operation, Fright Factory has received dozens of awards and tremendous acclaim from not only within the industry, but from the media and our customers as well. We have been regarded as the "scariest high-tech haunt in the country" by a national television network, and are consistently voted "best haunt" in our market area. Our work has been featured on numerous television and cable shows, including WealthTV, TechTV, CBS, NBC, Fox, and dozens of local and national radio stations.

What sets our Haunt apart from others in the industry is our attention to detail, and our use of technology in the design of cutting-edge special effects and props. We bring the quality and technology of Disney or Universal Studios to the Dark Amusement Industry.

Each year we are faced with the challenges of our Haunt selling out every night. In 2014 we are expanding our facility in hopes to reduce wait times and increase capacity.

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Industrial Fright   916-SCARE-ME (916-722-7363)

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